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The UK Show Benefit Street sparked huge debates around the nation.


The UK show Benefit Street, which aired in the UK, showed what life was like living on benefits. James Turner street in Birmingham, was where the programme took place and it was mentioned that over 90 percent of people living on the street claimed benefits. The problem was that Channel 4 who created the show only actually concentrated on a small minority of members that lived on that street, and the way in which the members were aired was not in the greatest of lights. The scenes that were shown on the program showed how poorly some of the street residents were living, one show in particular showed a group of Romanians who had traveled to the UK for work, to only find out that the work they were promised was not what they expected and ended up working over 10 hours a day for as little as 10 pound pay. It was these type of scenes from the show that took the nation by storm and caused a huge debate.

Is it the governments fault?

After the show was aired a follow up program called the Benefit Street, Live Debate was aired, which the nation tuned in to watch. It promised to talk about the issue we witnessed in the program and what changes should be put into place to help the people who are claiming benefits. The follow up show lasted 1 hour and not much was really said in terms of a place to solve the issue we watched, As most debates go, people were shouting opinions out from the audience but even after the program had finished it let the viewers with no answer or changes that were to be made. Now after watching this myself, I found myself thinking that the government wasn’t at all to interested in solving the issue and really gave a clear answer to any of the issues that were raised. With the next election slowly approaching, we can only hope that the government come up with a solution to solve this dire crisis.